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Internet Banking FAQs

Getting Started

Q. What can I do with Internet Banking?

A. Internet Banking allows you to access your First Bank of Dalton account information, check balances, transfer funds, make loan payments, request new accounts, stop payment on checks, reorder checks, and send secure messages to First Bank of Dalton 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can access your checking, savings, money market, loans, credit reserve, and certificates of deposit.

Q. What does it cost?

A. There is no charge for Internet access to your personal, business, or commercial accounts.

Q. How do I sign up for Internet Banking?

A. To enroll, Simply log on to, click on Enroll located on the top left of the screen under ONLINE BANKING SERVICES. Enter your account information, personal identifying information and submit the application. Should you have any questions about the application process, please contact us by phone at (706) 226-5377.

Q. When can I start using Internet Banking?

A. You can begin using Internet Banking as soon as you complete the enrollment process.

Q. Can I add additional accounts later?

A. You can add either existing or new accounts at any time by contacting the bank.

Q. Can I use Internet Banking outside the United States?

A. You can access Internet Banking from anywhere in the world as long as you have an Internet connection.

Q. What if I cannot access my accounts?

A. If you cannot access your accounts or you've forgotten your Customer ID or PIN, please contact First Bank of Dalton by phone, e-mail, or Secure Messaging.

Q. How can I get more information about Internet Banking?

A. Please call our Main Office at (706) 226-5377.

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Account Information

Q. What accounts can I access?

A. All types of First Bank of Dalton accounts are accessible online. You can choose which accounts you want access to.

Q. If I have both personal and business accounts, can I view them together with Internet Banking?

A. Sole proprietors can link their personal and business accounts, if the tax identification number is the same on both accounts. All other business types must keep their personal Internet Banking relationship separate from their business Internet Banking relationship.

Q. How current is my balance?

A. Your account balances will reflect transactions made before 2:00 p.m. the day before. We are currently not online real-time.

Q. What details will I find using the account history feature?

A. The account history feature allows you to review transactions posted to your checking, savings or money market accounts. You will see the date, amount and description of the transaction.

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Transferring Funds

Q. Can I transfer money from one account to another?

A. Yes. With Internet Banking, you can transfer money between eligible First Bank of Dalton deposit accounts, such as checking, savings, and money market accounts. You can also transfer money between your credit reserve and your checking account and make your loan payments online.

Q. Can I transfer money between my personal and business accounts at First Bank of Dalton?

A. Only sole proprietors can transfer money between their personal and business Internet Banking relationships.

Q. Can I stop or modify my request to transfer funds?

A. Yes. At any time until you get to the "Transfer Funds Confirmation" screen you can modify or cancel your funds transfer request. However, after you've completed a funds transfer transaction and have received a confirmation, you cannot stop the transfer from occurring. At that point, if you change your mind about the amount you wanted to transfer, simply make a new transfer to move the funds between the appropriate accounts.

Q. Can I schedule automated transfers?

A. Yes, scheduling automated transfers is available through Internet Banking.

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Security Questions

Q. Is First Bank of Dalton's Internet Banking secure?

A. Yes. First Bank of Dalton has taken every precaution to ensure that your information remains confidential. Our Internet Banking product requires a 128-bit encryption browser, due to a very high security level. If your browser is not adequate, you will be prompted to download an updated version, and we provide the link for you to do so. Your account and personal information is scrambled as it passes across the Internet. This method of communication is called SSL, or Secure Socket Layer. We provide a security certificate on our web site, which is available for your viewing, to ensure that your information is protected. It is much more likely for someone to obtain your personal information by physically obtaining it from you, such as through theft, than it is for someone to obtain your information through the Internet. Most Internet fraud cases begin with a physical theft, with the individual having your credit card, checkbook, or receipt in hand.

In addition, First Bank of Dalton's Internet Banking requires you to enter both a Customer ID and a personal Identification Number (PIN). Your Customer ID and temporary PIN is issued when you sign up for Internet Banking. You may change your PIN as often as you like after you log on initially.  Please do not give your password to anyone. We will never ask for your password. Also, we will never ask you to log in to verify your password. If someone asks you to do this, please call the bank and notify us right away. Furthermore, never log in to our secure website by clicking on a link in ANY e-mail you have been sent, even one with a CORRECT domain name. This will protect you against phishing scams that may compromise your banking information.

Q. How do I get a Customer ID and PIN?

A. You will select your own Customer ID when you enroll in Internet Banking. Your initial PIN will be assigned to you by the bank and sent to you via e-mail. You will be required to select a new PIN the first time you log on, then periodically thereafter.

Q. Who can access my account information over the Internet?

A. Unless you have compromised your PIN by revealing it to someone else, you are the only one who can access your account information using Internet Banking.

Q. When I attempt to sign on to Internet Banking, I get an error message informing me that my Customer ID is incorrect. What should I do?

A. You may have inadvertently entered the Customer ID incorrectly. Check your Customer ID and try it again. If you are certain you are entering the correct Customer ID, call First Bank of Dalton's Internet Services Department at (706) 226-5377.

Q. When I attempt to sign on to Internet Banking, I get an error message informing me that my Personal Identification Number (PIN) is incorrect. What should I do?

A. If you can't remember your PIN and you want to use Internet Banking, you may call Internet Services at (706) 226-5377 to request assistance with your PIN.

Q. Why is it important to select "Exit" or "Home" when I'm finished using Internet Banking, or when I walk away from my computer?

A. For your security, Internet Banking will automatically end your Internet Banking session if there is no activity on your PC for 10 minutes. However, to reduce the risk of exposure, it is always better for you to end your Internet Banking session by exiting the system.

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Browser Questions

Q. Which browsers can I use to access Internet Banking?

A. Any browser compatible with Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher, Netscape 4.0 or higher, or America Online 4.0 or higher, will allow you to access Internet Banking. For better performance, First Bank of Dalton recommends Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 or Netscape 4.04 or higher and at least a 28.8K modem.

Q. I want to be able to easily return to the First Bank of Dalton web site. How do I add this site to my "Favorites"?

A. To add Internet Banking to your list of favorites, you should first go to First Bank of Dalton's web site ( From that page, follow these instructions, based on the browser you are using:

  • In Internet Explorer, click the menu item Favorites. Choose the option Add to Favorites and then click OK in the confirmation box. First Bank of Dalton should now appear in your list of Favorites.
  • In Netscape, click the menu item Bookmarks and then choose the option Add Bookmark. First Bank of Dalton should now appear in your Bookmarks list.
  • Most versions of America Online support the Favorite Places option. Click on the red heart icon in the top right area of the title bar of the AOL browser. You can confirm that the site was added to your list of Favorite Places by clicking the red heart on the he AOL toolbar at the top. First Bank of Dalton should be listed as a Favorite Places option.

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Contact Information

If you have any further questions, please contact the Internet Services Department at:

First Bank of Dalton
118 N. Hamilton St.
Dalton, Ga. 30720
(706) 226-5377


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